Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Our Love Used to be Real, then Became a Dream

Our love used to be real once upon a time.

But you turned it into something all in my mind.

You were good at saying what I thought you'd mean.

But I woke up -- realized it all was just a dream. 

A Few Years Back (About a Dream the Author of This Post Had)

About three years ago, the author (Julie Anne) of this post had a dream of being together with her first love from high school. She had this dream shortly after he told her she was "not what he was looking for physically and mentally." 

Since them, she's not sure any more if he was supposed to be the one or not. She would do anything right now to get over it, but feels partly at fault why they broke up a long time ago. However, Julie strives for something real and meaningful and longs for something she can hold onto -- a more stable kind of love she can count on, and not the kind that ends after only three and a half short months. 

She has vented for years on one of her other relationship blogs, but now wishes to write as much as possible about the positive side of love as a way to emotionally heal. It's not always easy though. 

Another Update (New Dream)

September 11, 2013 -- She had a dream last night -- well early morning actually -- that she was trying to search for her first love. She would think she saw him, and at one point in the dream spoke out to him:

"You're not the person I was looking for!" 

She kept thinking over and over that it was, but suddenly realized it probably isn't. 

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