Thursday, January 9, 2014

Again, if I Seem Selfish

I write quite a bit about my experience with dating single dads on some of my relationship blogs. Lately, I wrote about my point of view about the possibility of becoming a potential stepmother. At one time, I looked forward to it. I even loved the child as my own on two occasions.

However, now that it's over I'm not sure if I would ever try to play that role again. It's tough to put all my heart, soul and emotions into a situation knowing I may get nothing out of it for myself. 

Again, if I seem selfish, it's because I always got the short end of the stick in relationships. Therefore, I made this one rule for myself for the future:

I'm never again going to give to anyone any more than they give to me. I just can't put myself out there anymore unless it's someone who can meet me half way. 

Here's why...

I just cannot give love to anyone else more than I give to myself. I also need love in return, and if I can't get it from any of the persons I used to be with, then it's time for  me to get it from someone who is willing to make an effort with me. 

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