Friday, January 3, 2014

I Never Meant for Anyone to Feel No Good

I never knew how low a man could feel just because he doesn’t make much money. I didn’t realize it until I went through times of not knowing from where the next dollar would come myself. I had no intention of anyone feeling so bad about themselves. I just didn’t understand until I went through it too.

For that, I’m sorry. On the other hand, I wish you hadn’t taken out your low self-esteem on me as if I didn’t love you and was some kind of gold digger. However, I regret the fact that I had to go through hard times before I understood how helpless you felt.

The good news is, I know better not to judge you. However, I also need someone who can accept himself and me as we are even if we haven’t met all our financial goals yet. I also need someone who will not panic because of money issues and who believes we can work it out together.

I hope you understand.

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